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Youmaps is a powerful service to create your own maps and share them on your mobile apps or your websites. Your website visitors can interact with this dynamic map or your colleagues can use this map to take better decisions.

domain Youmaps is designed for all industries

cloud Youmaps is cloud-native

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Google & Youmaps

Youmaps uses Google Cloud Platform. It is the most complete and powerful cloud platform on the market, allowing unmatched performance and reliability for Youmaps. Youmaps is also based on Google Maps for Work. Google Maps has 1+ billion monthly active users and 500+ million monthly mobile users. Coupled with Google Maps, Youmaps allows you to get rich location content, everywhere.

Robust Base Map

Rich Imagery (satellite, street view, etc.)

Local Point of interest information

Comprehensive set of APIs

Youmaps is your Big Data database for Google Maps

Youmaps is your collaborative solution for Google Maps

Youmaps speeds up your developments on Google Maps

Youmaps is your Geo Data to Decision solution


Store your geographic data on Youmaps, enjoy all the possibilities Big Data has to offer and benefit from the high performances of the Cloud

Create an interactive map from multiple sources using a simple drag & drop and share it with your coworkers

Reduce your Time-to-Market for your digital services using our APIs

Use our calculation and spatial analysis tools to enhance your digital strategy

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